ChatGPT makes links more prominent

According to OpenAI, ChatGPT now provides “more prominent” links to sources in its replies for paying users. Links won’t show up in ChatGPT’s free version, though, which is now available to anyone without the need to create an account.

Why it matters to us

The parasitic nature of generative AI has been carefully considered by brands, SEOs, and content creators of all sizes. Big AI firms, such as OpenAI, have ingested a lot of web content and given answers without giving credit. The inclusion of links is a positive development. It’s unclear, though, if anyone will truly click on those links.

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How it appears

The website names of the links (or citations) are enclosed in parenthesis.

ChatGPT adds more prominent links

What OpenAI is expressing

This was revealed by OpenAI in an X post:

We’re enhancing the prominence of links that ChatGPT sees online. Users can find content from publishers and creators more easily as a result, and its responses are given more context. In ChatGPT Plus, Team, and Enterprise, browsing is possible.

A step toward search

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman has expressed interest in creating a less dull version of Google, despite the fact that many contend that what OpenAI does isn’t search or information retrieval (as we know it today). Additionally, there have been rumors’ that ChatGPT is working on a web search engine.

Altman stated in an interview that while he doesn’t want to become the next Google, he does want to figure out how to combine ChatGPT and Search:

That would be an illustration of something cool. Nobody seems to have figured out the code as of yet. To go do that would be wonderful. That seems like it would be fun, Altman remarked.

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