The salary offered to employees for interacting with AI chatbots is over Rs 2.50 crore a year

ChatGPT jobs Employees offered salaries over Rs 2.50 crore a year to chat with AI chatbots

As nowadays ChatGPT And artificial intelligence are on the rise and these tools surely have a high potential to create high-paying jobs. High-paid jobs like prompt engineers are being listed and their salaries are going as high as $335,000 or roughly ₹ 2.70 crores annually.

Some big brands like Google and Microsoft-backed OpenAI as these are already front runners in the race. Anthropic which is a Google-backed startup has advertised salaries up to $335,000 p.a. for the post of Prompt Engineer and Librarian according to the report by Bloomberg. Us Anthropic is behind the AI chatbot Claude and the job is based out of San Francisco.

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It’s not only just that high-profile tech companies are looking for engineers that can prompt but also An automated document reviewer Klarity who is based in California is offering as much as $230,000 which is roughly Rs 1.90 crore and it’s an annual income for a machine learning engineer who can prompt as well as understand how to produce the best output from the AI tools. So the questions rise here who are prompt engineers and what will they do?

Who are Prompt Engineers?

Who are Prompt Engineers

In the field of AI prompt engineers is the new job role. To discover the best methods so the work is done faster and more efficiently way prompt engineers are the experts who chat with AI chatbots. Not just this but also identifying AI errors and hidden capabilities so other developers easily address them. Prompt engineers play with words and discover specific reasons from AI by giving them get of instructions.

A typical day in the life of a prompt engineer:

To produce relevant results prompt engineers usually spent their day talking to the AI so they will get better results. Once they have discovered the right set of prompts then they will help companies to train the workforce to harness the tools. To use later these prompts are saved as presets for clients.

How to become a prompt engineer:

Until there is no specific certification or degree to become a prompt engineer. but for prompt engineers, this is very important to have technical skills with good communication skills. It should have a good command of technical skills and soft skills including good communication skills.

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