The 10 Best ChatGPT Alternatives You Can Try In 2024

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Probably the most well-known huge language model is ChatGPT. Its wide range of uses accounts for a large portion of its power. Because of its adaptability, you can create unique and personalized solutions to your issues.

But you might want to think about ChatGPT’s alternatives.

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To get ChatGPT to accomplish exactly what you want, may require a lot of effort and repetition. Large language models are widely available. Certain LLMs are created for more specialized uses, while others are pre-integrated into search engines based on distinct data sets. Certain models expand upon one or more other fundamental models to accommodate more specialised or constrained use cases.

Why Should You Use A ChatGPT Alternative?

ChatGPT is the top AI text creation tool with over 100 million users every week. However, there are other similar tools available too. Different alternatives offer special features and user experiences that ChatGPT does not offer.

These options, for instance, might make use of various large language models (LLMs), provide fast assistance and video translation capabilities, or have better document management features, all of which would help firms accomplish their objectives more successfully.

Many ChatGPT alternatives offer user-friendly interfaces, making them easy to use even for beginners. They don’t require any coding experience to get started.

Certain use cases may benefit more from these tools’ added functionality and ease of use.

This article explores ten of the best ChatGPT alternatives, highlighting their strengths and guiding you towards the perfect fit for your needs.

10 Best ChatGPT Alternatives

1. Google Bard (Formerly Gemini)

A strong all-rounder from Google, Bard excels at conversation, question answering, and creative text formats. It’s completely free and offers a user-friendly interface.

Tool Category: Multimodal AI model


  • Free and user-friendly
  • Strong all-rounder for conversation, Q&A, and creative writing
  • Constantly updated by Google AI


  • May not be as specialized as some other options on this list
  • Still under development, so functionality may continue to evolve

Pricing: Free

2. Semrush ContentShake AI

This AI writer is a content marketing powerhouse. Craft blog posts, product descriptions, and social media content in seconds, all optimized for search engines. Plans are tiered based on content needs.

Tool Category: Content writing


  • Content marketing powerhouse
  • Creates SEO-optimized content in various formats
  • Saves time and resources


  • Paid plans with tiered features
  • May not be ideal for highly creative writing

Pricing: $60/mo

3. Microsoft Copilot

If you are a programmer, Copilot can be used to suggest whole functions and code completions, integrating itself effortlessly into your workflow. It can significantly boost your programming productivity. Available as a paid subscription or included with some GitHub plans.

Tool Category: Multimodal AI model


  • Increases coder productivity
  • Integrates seamlessly with workflows
  • Suggests code completions and functions


  • A paid subscription is required (unless included with the GitHub plan)
  • May not be suitable for all programming languages

Pricing: Free for Microsoft 365 users

4. Claude 3

This AI focuses on factual language and avoids creative writing. It’s excellent for research and knowledge exploration, providing well-sourced information. Offers both free and paid tiers.

Tool Category: Large language model


  • Excellent research and knowledge exploration tool
  • Focuses on factual language with well-sourced information
  • Free and paid tiers are available


  • Lacks creative writing capabilities
  • Paid tiers may be necessary for advanced features

Pricing: Free or $20/mo for Claude Pro

5. Github Copilot

A variant of Copilot specifically designed for the Github development environment. It provides context-aware code suggestions within your GitHub interface. A paid subscription is required.

Tool Category: LLM for coding


  • Context-aware code suggestions within the familiar GitHub interface
  • Boosts coder productivity specifically for GitHub development


  • Requires a paid subscription
  • Limited functionality compared to the general Copilot

Pricing: $10/mo for personal use

6. Perplexity AI

This AI excels at in-depth internet research, providing a conversational interface to explore vast amounts of online information. It can be a valuable tool for writers and researchers. Paid plans are available.

Tool Category: AI Search Engine


  • Conducts in-depth internet research through a conversational interface
  • A valuable tool for writers and researchers
  • Offers paid plans with potentially more powerful features


  • The free tier may have limitations
  • May require some guidance to navigate effectively

Pricing: Free with $20/mo pro option

7. Grok

This AI prioritizes honest and unbiased information. It analyzes a variety of sources and presents different perspectives, helping you form your own conclusions. A free tier with limited features, and paid plans for advanced functionality.

Tool Category: Conversational Chatbot


  • Prioritizes unbiased information and presents multiple perspectives
  • A free tier with basic functionality
  • Paid plans offer advanced features for in-depth analysis


  • The free tier may be limited
  • The user interface might be less intuitive compared to others

Pricing: Only available to X premium subscribers

8. OpenAI Playground

If you’re comfortable with customization, OpenAI Playground offers access to the underlying technology behind ChatGPT. Fine-tune the AI for specific tasks and experiment with different parameters. A free tier with limitations, and paid plans for advanced users.

Tool Category: Multimodal AI model


  • Access to the underlying technology behind ChatGPT for customization
  • Ability to fine-tune the AI for specific tasks and experiment with parameters
  • Free tier available


  • Requires technical knowledge for effective use
  • The free tier may have limitations, and paid plans can be expensive

Pricing: Free

9. Writesonic

This AI writer focuses on developing a distinct brand voice. Write content for your website, social media accounts, and marketing materials that appeal to your target market. Paid plans with different features.

Tool Category: Marketing and copywriting chatbot


  • Creates marketing copy with a distinct brand voice
  • Saves time on content creation for various platforms
  • Paid plans offer different features to suit specific needs


  • Requires a paid subscription
  • May not be suitable for tasks beyond marketing content

Pricing: Free with $19/mo pro option

10. Character.AI

Want to interact with virtual characters? Character.AI allows you to have conversations with AI representations of famous people or fictional characters. A free tier with limitations, and paid plans for extended interactions.

Tool Category: LLM Entertainment


  • Interact with virtual representations of famous people or fictional characters
  • Entertaining and potentially educational tool
  • A free tier with limited interactions


  • Limited practical applications beyond entertainment
  • The free tier may be restrictive, and paid plans can be expensive

Pricing: Free

Find the perfect match

With this diverse range of ChatGPT alternatives, there’s a powerful tool waiting to enhance your workflow. Consider your specific goals and explore the options that resonate most. Many offer free trials or limited free tiers, so you can experiment before committing.

Happy creating!

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