Bitcoin is acing towards $12,000 but is this just the beginning?

Bitcoin price surged to $12,000 briefly before a correction resulted in this bracket drop within minutes to $10,500. This happened over the weekend but despite a $1,500 drop, the crypto is recovering and jumped over $11,000 quickly and now marching quickly to the landmark of $12,000.

It is hard to tell that if last week was a bullish candle and nobody is convinced that Bitcoin price pullback has dipped enough to settle for a certain range. Currently, the price is circling around $11,350 and seems to be rising to overcome the 1st resistance of $11,500 before hitting the landmark of $12,000.

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According to Forbes, more than $1 billion of bitcoin and crypto positions were liquidated across different exchanges but bitcoin price bounced back after a plummet of 12%, $1500 within the hour.

Investors are attempted to catch the upswing as bitcoin price rally has surged high and traders have headed to the crypto market. Many bitcoin exchanges have reported the highest date trading in the current year.

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