Best TENS Units For Pain Therapy

Pain is a distressing feeling often caused by damaging stimuli. Pain motivates the individual to withdraw from the damaging situation, to protect a damaged body part while it heals to provide guidance of avoidance. Without proper care, minor wounds can develop into serious issues if prolonged. Pain that stops us from injuring ourselves is often considered a blessing whereas recurring pain or chronic pain is a curse on the human body.

People who suffer from chronic pain often resort to over the counter medicines which in return are highly addictive and often have severe side effects. With them come the usual outcome anxiety, agitation, depression, isolation, and hopelessness.

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For this reason, people rely on a clinically proven device that is additive-free and provides instant pain relief. These devices send small electrical pulses into the surface of the body which floods the nervous system in the process of stopping pain signals sent to the brain.

Before venturing into purchasing one of these devices it is advised to understand what to look for once you have made your mind around it.

  • Max Amperage

Max amperage of any TENS device is up to 100 milliamps. Not advisable for people with sensitive skin. May lead to scarring and irritation

  • Leads

The more leads a TENS device has the more it can massage part of the body. Some TENS units only have one lead to massage a specific body part. Minumum a TENS unit with 4 leads is suggested as you can track up to a large surface area

  • Battery

Most TENS deceive have a replaceable battery which is useful as they can replace but many units do come with internal battery systems that need to be charged. If the internal battery dies out then the device might be required for servicing and that might cost up.

  • Mode

All TENS units have a mode setting that helps the user vary the charge of pulses sent to his/her human body. However, a few have only a specific setting for solely one purpose. EMS mode enabled devices are highly recommended as they provide relief to stiff muscles.

  • Display and Accessories

Always invest in those TENS devices that has a backlight display as it may help you using the device in the dark. Most TENS devices come in a handy box for easy use and have an extended Belt clip for portability.

It is ADVISED to make sure when you do make a purchase always check the returns policy. This will help you return the product if it doesn’t manage your pain relief.

  • Price

Most TENS devices start from $20 to upwards of $100 depending on your pain relief. The most pricey UNIT is not recommended but suggested as a cheaper one can get the job done why spend more when you can save more.

TENS 7000 2nd Edition Digital Unit

Considered to be one of the most powerful consumer-grade TENS devices on the market, Max output of delivering 100 milliamps as compared to other products.



Voltage Output Scales from 50 to 100 mA Bulky as compared to other devices
Dual Current Mode Helps you treat two places at once No Return policy meaning No Satisfaction guaranteed
Simple Plug-in-Play operation
Extended Support.
Carrying Clip
Storage Case
3 Years Warranty

NURSAL TENS Unit Muscle Stimulator AS1080

It comes with a built-in PSU that can charge up with any USB device. Handy for travel.



Compact than most devices Confusing Heads Up Display
Built-in rechargeable PSU
Carry pouch for traveling and Storage
16 Mode Settings
Backlist Display  



Lifetime Warranty
90 Days Satisfaction guarantee

iReliev TENS + EMS Unit Muscle Stimulator

Specifically used for People suffering from arthritis with 8 mode settings and FDA approved.



Arthritis Mode with 14 therapy options Small Display
Max 80 mamp output No LED
Provides pain Relief and Muscle strengthening No Backlight
Dual-purpose covers more surface area Not suitable for people with vision problems
Comes with 12 pads
45-day Satisfaction Guarantee
2-year Warranty

Massage Therapy Concepts TENS units with EMS Combination Muscle Stimulator

Considerented to be one of the best for nighttime use. Has an Auto shut down feature and it can switch back and forth to EMS mode for muscle strengthening on the fly.



Large heads up display Medium Output
Adjustable Timer Time out Setting
Built-In Rechargeable Battery Lock button
Dual-mode Pads don’t stick properly
EMS mode
60 DaySatisfaction Guarantee
Easy to use

 Healthmate Forever YK15AB TENS unit

Descrived as the most convenient since each button corresponds to a specific setting. Easy to use.Not good for people with sensitive skin



Push-button No menus Medium Output
Easy to use display Restrictive Returns Policy.
Convenient belt clip Must pay for shipping costs if satisfaction not guaranteed.
EMs and PMS mode
Lifetime Warranty


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