Behold: Bitcoin is expected to hit $10,000 anytime soon.

Bitcoin did hit $10,000 early on Friday before dropping to 9,903.23 at the time of writing this article. The cryptocurrency is all set to jump across $10k mark again today and could actually go way beyond that if the current trend continues.

A price hike that has been continuous since April 4 is depicting a lot of promise for the Cryptocurrency fate that was almost down and out and written off by many financial pundits including Warren Buffett couple of years back.

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The bears stepped in to correct the price after a heavy bullish Thursday as the price jumped to $10,000 from a starting price of $9.158.30.

According to Bloomberg, Billionaire investor Paul Tudor Jones is buying Bitcoin. The hedge fund manager believes bitcoin will serve as a hedge against a jump in inflation that is already on cards and coming due to central banks printing money, expanding their balance sheets amid COVID-19 pandemic to pay people stimulus cheques as they are locked down and losing jobs.

Kiyosaki, the author of a famous book rich dad poor dad is a financial education advocate and has recently tweeted about the dollar issue, urging people to buy bitcoin.

Tim Draper, a Bitcoin evangelist believes, Bitcoin may touch $250,000 by 2020. Again, the massive printing of the U.S dollar amid the Coronavirus stimulus package is one main reason for every financial pundit’s prediction.


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