Next-Level Chat Solutions: Avalara Integrates Plugin with OpenAI’s ChatGPT

Avalara Introduces Plugin for OpenAI's ChatGPT.

An integrated sales tax calculator plugin for OpenAI’s ChatGPT has been released, according to cloud-based tax compliance automation vendor Avalara.

According to the announcement, Avalara is one of the first tax compliance software providers to work with OpenAI and use its protocol to build an integrated plugin for ChatGPT. Users will be able to request that the platform determine and investigate the applicable sales tax rates for their specific area.

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Avalara’s sales tax calculator and the ChatGPT plugin for tax compliance:

Users can ask ChatGPT, which is configured to use the Avalara sales tax calculator plugin to deliver the answer, how much sales tax should be applied to the product they are selling or buying, for instance in Seattle.

Installing the Avalara plugin from ChatGPT’s plugin store is an option available to customers and businesses with Plus accounts. Users are able to ask ChatGPT for tax rates by location after the plugin has been installed, as well as to compute sales tax on a single sale by location.

Users will have the option to enter additional questions or request extra tax rates or calculations, and ChatGPT will decide when to deploy the plugin depending on the query and dialogue.

The Avalara plugin is scheduled to progressively roll out to ChatGPT users, starting with US-based ChatGPT Plus customers, since Avalara supports OpenAI‘s commitment to creating AI in a safe and responsible manner. Users in additional areas will eventually have access to the plugin.

The company’s intention to increase the ways in which AI is used to manage tax material, enhance products, and provide customer assistance is highlighted by the introduction of the Avalara ChatGPT plugin, according to the statement.

For Avalara AvaTax users, the business introduced an AI-powered tax categorization tool in 2020. It helps users to categorize their goods or services quickly and effectively to help with taxability determinations for their US domestic product catalogs.

Avalara is a “pioneer” in the field of tax compliance, according to Vsu Subramanian, SVP of Content Engineering at Avalara, and is continually striving to deploy new technology to help automate the entire end-to-end tax compliance process for businesses.

By utilizing generative AI and releasing the ChatGPT plugin, the company hopes to ‘blaze trails’ for tax automation. This marks the beginning of the company’s generative AI journey.

According to the spokesperson, Avalara is in a unique position to assist businesses in determining the proper rate on transactions thanks to its tax compliance platform and a large database of tax rates, guidelines, and solutions.

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