Attention WhatsApp users, this feature will no longer be available for free in 2024

Attention WhatsApp Users this Feature Will No Longer Be Free in 2024

Users have always had an easy time dealing with Google, the corporation that built Android.  They can back up their WhatsApp conversations to Google Drive without using up their allotted 15GB of free bandwidth. However, a significant shift is on the horizon this year.

According to a recent announcement, customers’ Google Drive storage restrictions will start to be affected by WhatsApp chat backups in the first part of this year. Those who have depended on the free 15GB quota to protect their priceless discussions and memories will be impacted by this change.

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This change aligns Android practices with the storage limitations for iPhone users on iCloud. To address this, Google One, encompassing subscription plans associated with Google Drive introduces three main methods available monthly or annually.

For annual commitments:

  • The cost of the Basic (100GB) plan is £19.99 / £15.99.
  • The Standard (200GB) plan is priced at £24.99 / $29.99,
  • The Premium (2TB) plan comes in at £79.99 / $99.99.

For those hesitant to subscribe to Google One, there is an alternative method to optimize storage usage. Recognizing that photos occupy a significant portion of storage, users can navigate

WhatsApp settings, proceed to Storage and Data and select Manage Storage. This feature offers various options to effectively reduce storage usage, enabling users to maximize their free 15GB allocation without incurring additional costs.

In a related development, WhatsApp is working on a new feature enabling users to connect without disclosing their phone numbers.

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