Asan Jobs – Finding jobs gets easier

A Pakistani job portal “Asan Jobs” connects job seekers directly with employers via call or text messages.

Always wondered, once people apply for a particular job, whether an employer goes through the resume of each candidate or just picks random CVs, and shortlist people for the interviews. Applicants usually remain in a state of dilemma unless they hear back from the employers.

Well, this applies mostly to the white-collar jobs that have a procedure to apply by submitting resumes on job portals or to the HR departments of the companies. Regarding blue-collar jobs, people usually do not feel confident about sharing resumes and there are several reasons behind it: lack of CV writing skills, proficiency in the English language, and nature of the jobs.

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What if people get a chance to apply directly by calling or texting an employer in their native language (Urdu)? Do not you think, it will boost applicants’ confidence that they do not have to follow long procedures to get hired and be worried about lacking skills in the English language.

Asan Jobs

Recently in Pakistan, a professional job portal with the name “Asan Jobs” has been launched. Asan jobs key purpose is to connect job seekers directly with the employers via call or text message. They have allowed users and employers to connect directly without the need for a resume. An applicant can directly call or text over the phone and can get himself shortlisted for an interview or even hired. So, what makes “Asan Jobs” stand out in comparison to the other job portals for applicants:

  • User-friendly portal to get hired and job posting in 3 easy steps.
  • It allows connecting an employer and a job seeker directly over the phone or text. It shortens the hiring time for an employer, and the job seekers can immediately get decisions about their shortlisting and hiring.
  • With time, CV will become obsolete. Hence, considering the future of HR hiring, Asan Jobs has allowed users to just get themselves register with ID details and a basic profile which takes only 2-3 minutes. The primary focused is to target blue-collar jobs because they are the ones who are affected most during a pandemic and they lack professional CV writing skills or experience to make themselves stand out of the crowd.
  • Employers can post vacancies on Asan Jobs at no cost. Unlike newspapers and other e-platforms, employers do not have to pay a single penny to post jobs on the Asan Jobs portal. This will save a hiring cost for the companies.
  • It is an open platform and everyone can post a job whether they are looking for a janitor or web developer.

Asan jobs have kept its platform open and user-friendly, so that, everyone can search for a job without getting themselves verified on the platform. However, verified users have an additional advantage of getting noticed swiftly by employers and supplementary access to recommended or hot jobs.


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