Apple’s New 16-inch MacBook Pro Will Scrape The Butterfly Keyboard

Apple is planning to replace its butterfly design keyboard with new scissor mechanism, TF Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo reports. This switch to a scissor-based keyboard seems to be the company’s response to widespread complaints about its butterfly keyboard. These butterfly keyboards appear to fail often than the scissor keyboards.

Ming-Chi Kuo had previously predicted that a new 16-inch MacBook Pro would be introduced around 4th quarter of 2019 and Apple could replace the existing keyboard with a new scissor-based keyboard on its MacBook Pro in 2020.

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With new reports, it seems like the MacBook Pro may be coming soon than expected around 2020.

Kuo talked about his forecast of MacBook Pro In an investors’ note on Thursday.

The new scissor mechanism keyboards will offer improved, smooth typing experience with longer key travel and more durability. The keyboard may be slightly thicker than the current butterfly keyboards but a common user may not be able to feel the difference. The price is expected to range between $25 to $30.

Sunrex, a Taiwan-based manufacturer is Apple’s supplier of the new scissor-based keyboards.

Via: iDropNews

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