7 AI Tools You Should Know: Free and Paid

7 ai tools free and paid you should know

Our life is being transformed by artificial intelligence (AI). It facilitates work lowers error rates and increases creativity. AI tools are useful for researchers business professionals and students alike. These seven artificial intelligence (AI) tools can improve your daily work some are free and some are paid.

Free AI Tools:


CopyAI helps you generate text quickly. The free version has some limits but is great for creating engaging content.

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Wordtune is a writing assistant. The free version helps you refine your writing, improve clarity, and enhance text quality.


Pixlr is a flexible image editor. With the free version you can simply edit photos to fix flaws and improve their appearance.


Gemini is a file management tool. Its free version offers essential features for organizing and managing your files efficiently.


Simplified makes complex information easy to understand. The free version allows you to create clear and concise content effortlessly.

Stable Diffusion:

Stable Diffusion helps with data analysis and visualization. The free version provides basic insights and visualization capabilities.

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Like Photoshop GIMP is a strong image editor. Due to its various features for image enhancement and transformation it has become popular among photographers and designers.

Paid AI Tools:


The paid version of CopyAI offers more features. You get advanced text generation and customization options.


Sketch is a design tool. The paid version provides enhanced features for creating stunning designs and prototypes.

ChatGPT 4:

This conversational AI tool is available to buy. Advanced chatbot features for smooth interactions and customized responses are available in the premium edition.


Runway’s paid version includes more features for creative projects, like AI-generated art and design tools.


An AI tool for prediction and data analysis is called Midjourney. Businesses and researchers can benefit from the advanced statistical and forecasting features available in the premium edition.


The best software for editing images is Photoshop. Professional photographers and designers can utilize the unmatched editing features included in the premium edition.


iStock is a premium stock image platform. It provides access to high-quality images for various creative projects but requires a fee.


Summing it up AI tools have become essential in the modern online world. These tools can help you increase productivity simplify your work and reveal your creativity whether you go for the commercial or free versions. This article highlights the benefits of seven essential artificial intelligence (AI) tools for multiple kinds of users.

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