9 Signs That You Need a New Car

9 Indicators That Tells You Need A New Car

9 Signs That You Need a New Car

There comes a time in every car’s life when it’s just time for them to hit the junkyard and a new car to take their place. If you think that might be the case for you, then this is both an exciting and potentially stressful time for you. You might be thinking that you can keep going with the car that you have and not have to spend so much money on a new car. However, there are some tell-tale signs that point to a car that needs to be replaced. Keep reading down below to learn more about them.

1. You’re Having a Lot of Breakdowns and Repairs Needed

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If your car is spending more time in the auto shop getting repairs than it is on the road, then it’s time for a new car. You don’t want to be spending most of your free time stuck waiting for your car to get repaired. Not to mention those repair costs and new car parts will take a serious chunk out of your emergency savings.

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2. The Interior Isn’t Looking Too Hot

Over time, your car’s interior is going to start looking pretty rough. If you have leather seats, these may start to crack thanks to prolonged exposure to the sun. Or the flooring might have a couple extra stains than you would like. When this starts to happen over the years, it’s time for a new car.

3. Your Friends and Family Don’t Like to Be Seen with Your Car

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A big sign that you should get a new car comes whenever your friends or family members don’t want to be seen near your car. If you offer to drive your car to dinner and they can just hop in, most likely someone else is going to offer their car or people will not want to ride in your car.

4. The Car Doesn’t Pass Any Tests

If your car is having trouble passing emissions tests and other required tests, then it’s time to get a new car. It’s not safe or smart for you to drive around in a car that can’t pass the required tests by your state and the federal government. Plus, it’s illegal!

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5. It Takes Longer to Fill Up Your Car

One of the biggest signs that you need a car upgrade comes when it takes longer to fill up your car at the gas pump. Older cars are going to have way worse fuel efficiency than newer cars. Plus, the longer that you drive a car, the lower the fuel efficiency goes over time – this is a natural part of driving a car for a long period of time.


6. Your Insurance Costs Keep Going Up and Up

When you have an older vehicle, car insurance companies see this as a way to charge you more on your premiums. Those with older cars are more likely to have a breakdown on the side of the road or get into an accident, which will cost the insurance company money.

7. Safety Is Becoming an Issue

If you find that your car is unreliable when you’re driving it on the highway or you constantly worry about your own safety, then it’s time to get a new car. You never want to ride around in a car that’s unsafe, especially if you have other passengers with you.

8. Repairs Are Costing You More Than What You Bought the Car For

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If you spent a certain amount on a car and then the repairs that you need to make on that car are costing you more than that amount, then it’s time to get a new car. You should never be paying more for repairs than you paid for the vehicle.

9. You Hate How Your Car Looks

And lastly, when it comes to looking at your car every day, it’s essential to be looking at a vehicle that you’re proud of. If you hate how your car looks, then it’s time to get a new baby.

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Each of these points shows you that you need to get a new car if it applies to you. Make sure to get out there and see what options you have!


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