7 Ways to create time and space that will help you focus in life

Everyone has objectives that they want to hit which includes both personal and professional goals. Mostly you draw up a roadmap on how to reaching your targets but fail to set the specific time that is needed to actually make it happen.

In order to excel in all areas of life, these tips will help you to focus and plan ahead to become your best self:

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Write down the three top priorities for the year:

It would be foolish to put more than three priorities on your list for the whole year. Because if you have more than 3 goals, you will be overwhelmed and will never be able to get any of the ones completed.

Create two lists:

You must create two lists i.e. personal and professional goal-related activities. In your personal column, lists the things that your family expects from you like grocery shopping or having a relaxed time with them. In your professional list, your tasks should include the scheduling of your client appointments, attending the networking events, making sales calls etc. by putting these lists next to each other; you will be able to see how much you have on your plate.

Mark tasks in order of their importance:

You must be aware of the activities that are most urgent and the ones that are not. Mark each activity or task according to its importance. It would be great to hand over the tasks that are not very much important to someone who can handle them.

Use the calendar:

Take the help of a calendar when you are trying to create time and space for your personal and professional life. You can also use the electronic calendar or a paper one and change according to your priorities.

Make your time with loved ones a priority:

When you come back from work, this time should be dedicated towards your family or loved ones. Be very careful in this time and listen to what your family has to say to you. Enjoy your time with them and stay away from professional interference of any kind.

Be ready to make adjustments:

Life changes constantly and you should be ready make adjustments when life throws you a curve ball. Be flexible and don’t schedule yourself tight. Master your tasks, so that you do not work hard and forget everything and everyone else.

Stay open-minded:

You really need to have an open mind so that you can easily accept the changes that take place around you. Be flexible to change your plans if few things don’t work. It should not always be about your own preferences; instead, you should listen to other people and respect their view too.

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