7 Rules of Living that can transform lives

If you are asked to tell what you have learned so far to have the best, happiest, and most successful life, what advice would you give? Or you can take it as what are the rules you have learned in your years of life that you have lived? For answering it you will have to get back to basics. You will have to go through your own life and will have to write down things that worked for you, things that did not work for you, and the lessons you learned all over the years. These definitely would be the rules which if you knew before would have improved your life. Everyone in this world if asked the same, they would come up with a set of operating principles that can be helpful in guiding their decisions.

These are the rules that can transform lives but many of the people have forgotten them because of being busy with their hectic schedules. Therefore, it seems it is time to revoke the ones that are the most universal. Following are the few of them:

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The perfect day formula:

A perfect day begins early when you have time to prepare yourself for the challenges ahead. For getting up early you will have to sleep early and reduce the caffeine intake that can keep you awake till late. Once you get up early, you will have a lot of time to accomplish more during a single day.

Creating a to-do list:

Getting up early allows you to think about the things that you need to perform in a day. For this you should develop the habit of writing a to-do list. In this way, all the tasks you want to get done will become clear and you will not have time to waste thinking what to do next.

Not engaging in confrontation:

Engaging in a confrontation is a waste of time and energy, therefore, avoid it at all cost. If you have hurt somebody’s feelings or broken a promise, apologize or fix it. When you feel you are being dragged into something for n reason, take a deep breath, stay calm, and focus your efforts on your goals.

Accept responsibility:

You cause yourself harm when you do not accept your responsibility. Blaming somebody else for a mistake will keep you in guilt forever if you have been the reason. Instead, accept what happened and be sure that bad times will end and the good times will come.

Be polite and courteous:

You cannot earn respect and love of other people by being mean or cruel. You need to be polite even in your demands and courteous on whatever you do. You need to treat everyone with respect and love if you want the same for yourself.

Do not pretend:

To pretend as someone you are not will not make your life better. Therefore be honest in your actions and don’t be jealous or envious of somebody else’s success. It is your life and that matters to you more than other people.

Keep the child in you alive:

Your life will become boring and dull if you will act just as others see you in your age. Be silly sometimes, do the things that you really want to do, run and play as kids do, and most importantly laugh. Surround yourself with people who are important and stay close to them; your life will become beautiful.

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