COVID-19 – 7 powerful effects of stress that can help you grow in life

With coronavirus lockdown, everyone is forced to stay at home. Everyone experiences stress in their life and many of the people try to reduce the effects because they think it is bad for them. But not every stress is bad and can be beneficial for you.

Some stress can motivate you to get all the stuff done and achieve what you want.

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Upon experiencing stress, you get a flood of emotions or hormones to prepare yourself for taking action. The effects of stress can be beneficial in situations where you need to be more alert, focused, and energetic. A balanced amount of stress can spark the drive to achieve more and improve your quality of life.

Here are some ways stress can be beneficial for you:

1- Moderate stress boosts immunity:

If you think about your stress response, it is basically designed to protect you from threats. These are the threats that are even posed by bacteria and microorganisms which make stress to help you to fight off infections. When you experience a moderate amount of stress, it gives a boost to your immune system.

2- It makes you creative:

When you feel stressed, you change your path because of the uncertainty that surrounds you. Stress actually pushes you to change, to fight, to grow, and adapt to the occurring changes. It is very often that a moderate amount of stress helps you come up with an unusual but creative idea for dealing with the challenges.

3- Good for mental health:

Studies have proved that a moderate amount of stress can strengthen your mental health. The experience of your moderate stresses can help you confront the stressful situations in your life. According to the researchers, people who have a history of some lifetime adversity reported better mental health and well-being outcomes as compared to people with a high history of adversity and people with no history of adversity.

4- It helps promote child development:

Studies have proved that normal everyday stress does no harm to unborn children. If the stress levels are moderate, children can develop motor and development skills by age two as compared to women who remain unstressed.

5- Motivates you to succeed:

Stress pushes you to get your job done and achieve what you want in life. When you keep a deadline for completing a project, the stress you face when it approaches near makes you work productively. The stress creates pressure that actually drives to attain your goals in life and succeed.

6- Develop a physical and psychological sense of control:

Dealing with everyday stress makes your body strong and enables you to deal with stressful situations easily. With practice, stress helps your body to develop both physical and psychological sense of control in case of stressful events.

7- It improves your cognitive power:

Moderate stress helps to improve your brainpower because it strengthens the connections between neurons in the brain. When faced with a threat, the stress brings changes in your brain that result in an improved memory as well as a boost in the attention span.

So, if you experience a moderate amount of stress then it isn’t bad. But it is very important to know what level of stress you are experiencing because it can easily increase from moderate to high levels of stress which can harmful effects.

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Written by Tauseef Sarwar

Digital Marketer with 15 Years of experience in Management & Marketing. SEO Consultant, specialising in Social Media Marketing & Branding. Adobe and Google Certified Professional.