6 Jobs to avoid if you hate stress

Most of the people feel crumbled when they are under stress. It makes you wonder what kind of a job will be perfect to pursue if you want to avoid stress. According to experts, you are better off pursuing a career that is stress-free if you cannot handle stress.

Researches have proved that following jobs have earned a stress tolerance rating of 93 or higher over the years. If you are a kind of person son who cannot handle stress, then you may want to avoid them:

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Residential advisor:

Stress tolerance: 93

Annual Salary (2017): $26,830

People who coordinate in residential facilities and in college dormitories, group homes or certain other establishments often suffer from stress. They often have to meet unrealistic goals that led to depletion of their physical, mental, and financial resources.

Psychiatric Aide:

Stress Tolerance: 93

Annual Salary (2017): $27,110

This job requires you to assist people who suffer from serious mental health problems. It even involves people who are unable to take care of themselves. Stressful situations arise in this kind of job very easily and are expected to work hours that are not in a traditional workday.

Police Patrol Officer:

Stress Tolerance: 93

Annual Salary (2017): $61,050

A police patrol officer is assigned specific areas to enforce law and ordinance. They are bound to control regular traffic, regulate it, and arrest the violator. It often creates unnecessary stress and not considered a good job for people who hate stressful situations.

Municipal Firefighter:

Stress Tolerance: 93

Annual Salary (2017): $49,080

These people are responsible for controlling and extinguishing municipal fires and protect lives. While conducting rescue efforts, they often come across situations that are hard to handle. Therefore, it is not a kind of job for people who cannot handle stress.

Clinical psychologist:

Stress Tolerance: 93

Average Annual Salary: $75,090

This job requires a clinical psychologist to evaluate mental or emotional disorders of people through observation. It involves interviews and psychological tests as well. This, at times, can often come up with harsh results and cannot be handled easily.

Agents of artists, performers, or athletes:

Stress Tolerance: 93

Annual Salary (2017): $64,940

This involves agents to represent and promote artists, performers, and athletes on different platforms. While dealing with people, stressful situations can arise that are often very hard to handle. Therefore, people who cannot handle stress should avoid this kind of job.

The post originally appeared on business insider

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