5 Simple hacks to avoid burnout

There are some people who work to live but there are some who just live to work. These are the people who spend 40+ years putting in 40+ hours a week in a job. You can imagine then that over a period of grueling years, they begin experiencing symptoms of burnout.

In order to avoid this exhausting byproduct of a seemingly unending grind, following are the few hacks that can save you as an entrepreneur from burnout:

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Begin your day smartly:

It is very important to begin your day wisely. It is because if you open up emails, text messages, or even social media notifications at the start of a day, you will open up your life to the energy and opinions of other people. Once this happens in the beginning, your focus and mission for the entire day will get diffused. Therefore, start your morning with your own rituals such as doing some kind of exercise, practicing meditation, or reading. Make it a habit to set aside everything you need for the morning the night before. Start your day with a purpose and it will save you from the decision fatigue of what to do next.

Focus on what is working:

If as an entrepreneur, you focus on things that are not working, your stress will increase. You need to understand that your energy goes where your thoughts flow, therefore, focus on the things that are working. Use the morning time to focus on tasks that you need to accomplish for the day and it will help you get more things done in the right way.

Stay away from the word “how”:

This is the word that gives you a rush of anxiety and makes you lose hope. When you ask yourself how, you feel you will never be able to get things done. Just the word “how” seems like a daunting question and makes you exhausted. Therefore, stay away from asking yourself how and ask what you need to do next. Therefore, understand the problem and come up with steps that can take you closer to the solution.

Take breaks:

You need to give your mind some space in order to avoid burnout. Take breaks after every 50 minutes, drink water, and allow yourself to breathe deeply. By taking some time alone, you will help your mind to think, strategize, and to listen to your inner voice.

Don’t compare :

One of the kindest things you can do avoid burnout is to stop comparing your own self with others. It is because when you get into comparison, it creates a boomerang of low vibe energy and sends your emotions into a downward spiral. Be happy for those who are doing well and be proud of the level you have reached yourself.

Via: Entrepreneur

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