5 Signs that show you need to exercise more

Everyone wants to be fit and want to adopt habits that can keep their body healthy. But listening to your body really makes a difference when it comes to taking care of it. Your body is one smart cookie and if you really pay attention, it tells you important things like when you are tired, stressed, or sick. When you listen to it more carefully, it also gives you eth signs when you are exhausted, uncomfortable, or injured. If you want to have a healthy body, you will have to make sure you listen to your body. The most important way to keep your body fit is to do exercise.

But like most of the people, you may not be able to understand how to know that you are doing enough workouts. According to the American Heart Association and the Center for Disease Control, a moderate exercise of 150 minutes or 75 minutes of vigorous exercise is good for staying healthy. But what if your body wants to have more exercise? Following are the signs that indicate you need to get more exercise:

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1. You get sick more than usual:

When you eat healthy and exercise regularly, your immune system stays strong. But if you are getting sick more than usual, it means you need to get more physical activity then you usually do. It is because studies have developed a strong connection between your intensity of the workout and the immune system.

2. Staying constipated:

If you find irregularity in your bowel movement than you need to do more exercise? It is because the physical activity stimulates the intestinal activity which can help to move waste through the digestive tract. It helps food to quickly move to make its way through the large intestine and prevent constipation.

3. Having trouble in breathing:

According to experts, this is one of the most common signs to observe. When you do a physical activity and experience shortness of breath. If it is a kind of breathing problem you do not face very often, it could be a sign of deconditioned metabolism as well as cardiovascular system. This is something that can be improved with exercise.

4. You feel depressed a lot:

When you notice you are feeling depressed more and get frustrated, angry, and sad very often, then it means you are having an overall suppressed neurotransmitter function. This indicates that you need to do more exercise as it has been proven to benefit in the state of depression and anxiety.

5. Trouble in sleeping:

Exercise regulates your circadian rhythm and prevents the bouts of insomnia. If you are experiencing trouble in sleeping then you need to speed up your exercise and physical activity. It controls upon your body clock and improves your sleep cycle.

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