5 things that you need to avoid if you don’t want to become a weak leader


For learning valuable lessons in life, you usually prefer to study the positive role models that exist in or outside your society. But sometimes, you get to learn a lot from the negative ones as well. These are the kind of people whose leadership is not perfect. There are significant red flags in their character that shows warning signs to anyone in leadership.

Following are the few characteristics that you need to avoid if you don’t want to become a weak leader:

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1- Fearing to take definitive action:

There are some people who seem to be forever preparing for finding a new job, launch a new product, or write their first book. But they can’t ever seem to pull the trigger. One of the most important leadership qualities is that you can make a definitive decision when it is required. But when you waste your time in finding the perfect time and perfect circumstances to start something, you will never be able to begin.

2- Complaining:

People who constantly complain about everything fail to achieve success in their life. They complain about the shortage of time and resources that they can put to use. These are the kind of leader who never gets very far. No matter what your circumstances and timings are, you should always be ready to deliver an outcome. This is the only thing that can separate you from weak leaders.

3- Not taking responsibility:

You may have seen leaders who blame everyone else for their mistakes and their own refusal to act. Every time they face a setback, they have someone else to blame. But they cannot change the results until they take full responsibility. Circumstances will never come into your control but the response can always be made by you. If you take responsibility for your actions you will be able to lead better.

4- Not understanding the purpose of leadership:

Most leaders understand leadership in the wrong way. They consider it a position to control others. But a true leader is a first and foremost stewardship and it is to serve other people. You are accountable if you abuse it and will eventually lose it.

5- Thinking of having greater knowledge:

The biggest weakness of leaders is when they consider themselves more knowledgeable than others. They think they know better than others and always disobey their authorities. If you disagree with your boss or manager, understand that there might be something you are not aware of. Listen to everyone and understand their perspective. There is a lot to learn even if you are considered very much informed about everything.

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