5 positive body languages to help you achieve anything you want

If you don’t think that your body has its own language, think again. It is because a large percentage of communication is done through body language. The more your project success, competence, and resources, the more things will likely be awarded to you. Your body language is very important because it supercharges your goals.

So if you are eager to get a raise, partnership, or a promotion, the following are the few body languages to help you achieve anything you want:

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Use your height to your advantage:

No matter what your height is, you have to take advantage of it because it helps you to portray power, status, and confidence. These are the traits that are shown nonverbally through your height and the space that you take.

Take more space:

This is another way to add a few more notches to your perceived eight. Get into the habit of standing up and moving around during your presentations in a meeting. Also, you can hook your elbow on the back of a chair even when you are seated and spread out your belonging on the conference table. This will help you to appear taller and people will be able to see more of you.

Smile and make eye contact:

If you want to be remembered by others, then make it a habit to smile more. It is because research suggests that socially positive signals are conveyed by smiling faces. When you smile at someone, it triggers them to return the gesture which impacts your emotional state. Along with smiling, also make eye contact because it projects your confidence.

Have open-handed gestures:

Research suggests that open-handed gestures at navel height indicate that you are honest and have nothing to hide. When you use your hands all before you even open your mouth to speak, it projects trust, credibility, confidence, and calmness in your personality.

Stay away from anxious behavior:

When you are nervous, you twirl your hair, wag your foot, or roll your neck. But this anxious behavior often takes away from the image that you are trying to portray such as a collected leader. Therefore, take a deep breath and practice being still. By practicing meditation, this anxious behavior will be much easier to control.

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