5 Overlooked reasons to quit smoking

Almost everyone who smokes knows that it causes lung cancer, emphysema, as well as heart diseases. But still, nobody thinks of quitting smoking. The effects of smoking not only create problems for your mental and physical health, smoking has far-reaching consequences on your career. Have you wondered why companies discourage smoking in the workplace/ it is because the indirect burden of the smoking falls directly on the company’s books.

This is the reason that usually companies prefer nonsmokers as their workers because it has a negative link with the employee’s career. The modern researchers have proved a decrease in the social life and work performance of individuals who smoke. This is the reason when companies prefer non-smokers as workers, it can cause an irreplaceable damage to your career as well as work performance. Following are the remedies that can help you to minimize the harmful effects of smoking especially in accordance with your career.

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Physical fitness:

One of the most important requirements of a job is the health of the employee. When you are healthy, you become more focused and ambitious which naturally brings a good effect on your work performance and productivity. But when you smoke, you feel exhausted and it steals your energy that you can be used for working towards your ambition. With a depletion of oxygen capacity to blood, it hinders crucial life force to your organs, muscles including your brain.

Social life:

When you smoke, your social life suffers. The lingering smell of burnt ashes, tar, and nicotine make it impossible for others to stand near you. Your teeth become discolored and skin becomes pale which makes your personality less attractive. Because of the hygiene issues often negative perceptions are formed about you that lower your confidence. Therefore, it is better to quit smoking so that overall hygiene improves, skin becomes fresh, and your personality becomes charming again.

Level of concentration:

If you are a smoker, you feel a sudden boost in your focus because of the nicotine. But that boost in focus is really for short-term and then it makes you lethargic for the rest of the time. When you leave smoking, your focus improves without any artificial boost. Escaping the addiction cycle can be really helpful for maintaining a proper focus during your work.

Anxiety and stress:

People who smoke are often seen with higher levels of stress and anxiety. It is because the constant smoking causes an overflow of dopamine. This chemical lifts mood for a certain period then when it comes to normal, being a smoker you suffer from severe stress levels. Quitting smoking can help you set yourself free from all such things as it is extremely undesirable in a workplace. Your mood swings start to normalize and you feel generally happy by not relying on certain chemicals.

Inspiring others:

When we view people as inspiring, smoking is considered not a part of their personality. People take them as their role models and follow their path. This is actually the kind of personality companies want their workers to be. People who are non-smokers, have improved focus, better behavior, and have higher confidence. This makes them most suitable for leadership roles for the company.

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