5 new WhatsApp features you need to know


In over 180 countries, more than one billion people use WhatsApp to stay in touch with their loved ones. It offers the most simple, secure, and reliable messaging and calling through phones all over the world. It is the app people use day in and day out which makes it easier to miss on the features that get added to it. You do get a notification from WhatsApp to update from time to time. You simply update the app and continue using it as usual. But have you ever realized what you actually get in those updates?

The recent updates bring exciting features for users every time since the app launched. The Facebook-owned app has recently introduced new features and they are as following:

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You can easily change your number:

The WhatsApp feature that has been rolled out for the latest Android Beta version 2.18.97 allows users to transfer their account information to a brand new number without deleting the account. This feature is helpful for the users who want to change their old number. The app will be able to notify the contacts about switching the number. For using this feature, you need to go to the WhatsApp setting, select Account, and then select Change Number.

QR codes for money transfer:

The payment feature of WhatsApp is currently in the beta version but it will also be available on Android and iOS soon. The new Scan QR code option allows users to make payments by scanning QR codes. The feature requires users to go to Settings>Payments>New Payments>Scan QR Code. The feature is expected to be launched soon in Pakistan as soon as the beta testing for the feature gets completed.

New stickers:

The new stickers for WhatsApp appear at the top of the app’s menu and allows users to tag the current time, location, or photos and videos sent to an individual user. The feature allows the users to search for the sticker they want to search in the doodle view. You can access them by choosing the plus icon next to the text bar on the chat menu. Chose from photo and video library and then select the emoji icon you want to add. Relevant stickers will be shown by typing in the desired keywords.

Enhanced voice messaging feature:

This interesting feature allows users to receive voice messages from a group of friends and listen to them while using other applications. The new feature gives the freedom to listen to the voice messages when the phone is locked or users are using other applications which do not make it necessary to stick to the WhatsApp interface.

Status updates:

This new feature allows users to see the new status updates of their friends even without having to open the WhatsApp application. This feature is currently available only for the iOS and shows status updates directly on the Today View Interface located in the iOS notification centre.

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