5 Meditation practices for anxious people

Experiencing stress is a part of life and even if we are lucky enough to avoid the trauma, we still live in a world of chronic stress and overwhelm. In almost everyone, stressful events produce anxiety. But when it becomes worse, anxiety as a chronic condition is hard to shut off. It gives us the feeling of helplessness, inability to change a certain condition or escape from a difficult situation. But rhythmic movements such as meditation can have a soothing and therapeutic effect.

When it comes to meditation, there are few movement-based meditative practices that are relaxing to the mind and body. They encourage us to slowly incorporate mindfulness into our lives. It makes us enjoy the practices and make it a regular part of our schedules.

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Going for a walk:

This is one of the easiest stress-reducing techniques of all times. This helps to invoke mindfulness and release stress from the body. It helps us to achieve a state of mindfulness and can enjoy every moment of our lives.

Hatha yoga:

This is the best practice for body and mind integration. This is the kind of yoga practice that combines breathing with asana repetition. It makes us feel more alert and fully awake and relaxes our nerves.

Spending time in gardening:

Staying close to nature is the best way to heal ourselves from inside. Therefore, gardening is the best practice from disconnecting from the busy world and enjoying moments of calm and peacefulness. Gardening fully absorbs us and helps us to become more mindful.

Learn to swim:

The rhythm of the stroke when you are swimming allows us to focus on deep breathing and takes us into a state of relaxation. Swimming can be done with the minimal distractions and takes us away from the noisy world outside.

Moving by dancing:

Dancing is not just for fun, it is therapeutic practice. It helps us to tap our own healing resources of the body and makes us connect with our body in tremendous ways. It is a great technique to reduce stress for sufferers of anxiety and depression.

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