5 characteristics of a public speaker who is a crowd puller

More than you even think words carry enormous weight. Words have impacted people for decades and have provided the courage to press on. The real creative power is in the words you use and this is completely understood by great public speakers. They are not born perfect; they desire to advance the speaking skills that draw them closer to perfection.

It is no doubt that public speaking can be terrifying but the following are the few key characteristics that can help you make a great impact on your audience.

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Effective communication depends on your feeling of enthusiasm for the subject. You should be passionate about the subject you choose because if you don’t have passion, you will not be able to excite your audience and your speech will become meaningless.


To make an effective public speaker, you should be completely self-aware. As a public speaker, you should be aware of your strengths so that you can effectively engage with your audience. Make a list of your all best traits and think about how you can express these traits in a better way. In your speech, incorporate these traits clearly and concisely so that your speech can become more engaging.

Be authentic:

Do not ever think of making a public speech with duplicated content because no matter how much you rehearse the speech, you will not be seen as authentic. Therefore, always be yourself, speak with a natural voice, and don’t ever memorize your speech. Just practice it and make everything authentic.

Have confidence:

The importance of confidence cannot be denied in any field especially when it comes to public speaking. It is because a more confident public speaker appears as more accurate, intelligent, and likable as compared to one who lacks confidence.

Engage the audience:

No matter what your topic is, you should engage your audience with your conversation. By creating an engaging atmosphere, you can eliminate boredom and have fun. This will ensure that your audience is not on their phones or laptops while you are addressing an issue.

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