4 ways to work smarter, not harder and getting your tasks done

We are often given a piece of advice when it comes to performing at work. We are told to be well-rounded in order to succeed or should constantly solicit negative feedback about ourselves. But a lot of the ideas are often founded on dogma which can be ineffective in actually helping us to improve the quality of our work.

But the following are the few scientifically proven ways that can actually help you to work smarter along with getting plenty of sleep, exercise, and recreation so that your time spent working can be as productive as it can be:

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1- Take more breaks:

It has been proven scientifically that a human brain can focus for only 90 minutes and then at least 15 minutes of rest is required. You cannot work productively if you work constantly without any breaks. The break you take allows your body and mind to renew and prepare to work for another 90 minutes on a project or assignment with concentration.

2- Benefit from naps:

Naps have been found to show improvement in cognitive function, creative thinking, as well as memory performance of individuals. The learning processes improve by taking naps and helping your brain solidify memories. Therefore, taking small naps during the day will protect you from burnout and remember new information.

3- Go out in nature:

Spending time in nature also brings good effects on your brain by relaxing it and resetting your attention span. Research has proved that spending time outside helps you to unwind and focus longer when you get back to work.

4- Get done with your emails:

If you want to work closely with others, it is important to check your emails even before you start your workday. It will make sure that you are on the same page as your team and will also help you to deal with important issues first thing in the morning.

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