4 ways to speak like a successful leader

There is a unique way of communicating for every successful leader. It is because they learn how to make sure that their words have a positive impact. When it comes to leadership communication, it is important that the things that you say have a ripple effect throughout your entire organization and even beyond. Therefore, it is important to become fluent in a set of expressions that make others feel that they matter.

If you are trying to speak successfully as a leader, the following are the several ways that can help you improve your language and communication:

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Know the reason to speak:

As a successful leader, you need to know the reason you are speaking. You can speak better when your answers are grounded in the company’s shared purpose and not your personal desires. If you are not aware of what you want to speak, then it is better not to speak at all until you are prepared what you have to speak about.

Be very careful in using the word “But”:

When you sue the word but in your communication, it means you are discussing something that is not completely valid. For example, when as a leader you say “thanks for the feedback but I think…” it is expressed as you don’t appreciate what you said. Therefore, replace using the word “but” with and, however, yet, or except.

Don’t overuse superlatives:

In your speech when you sue too much of superlatives such as awesome, epic, or incredible, it blurs the true meaning of what you want to say. Instead of adding superlatives about something you are discussing in a conversation, talk about it being clear. Discuss the topic when you have compelling and well-researched thoughts about it.

Do not shy away from making the clearest points:

As a successful leader, it is not desirable that you shy away from making the clearest and strongest points. It is because the full verbal commitment requires full personal courage. As a leader, resist the temptation of a lazy language and instead, use clear language because it will increase your courage and will make you more connected with your topic that you want to speak about.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar


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