These 4 things are the reason why you are still poor and entangled in a vicious circle of poverty

Reasons you are still poor

Everyone wants to be rich and those who say they don’t, are either lying or having some messed up beliefs. Their mindset limits the abundance of wealth that they can ever have. If you are struggling with money, you may be acting in ways that make you poor. Following are some of the ways you need to be aware of that can be a reason for keeping you poor:

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Your decisions are based on fear:

One of the biggest reasons for being poor is that your decisions are based on fear. You are afraid to take risks and to face challenges; therefore, you always play safe. You always take the decisions that you find yourself comfortable with. This stops you from making progress and to earn more money.

Having no plans:

When you don’t have plans to make an effort for, in future, you remain poor all your life. It is because you have no idea where you want to see yourself and what you want to achieve in the next few years. Therefore, set goals that are realistic and make effort on daily basis to achieve them.

Not taking action:

Even if you have all the confidence and a great plan to work on, if you don’t take action you cannot bring any change in your life. You may be are so afraid to actually get started or not paying attention towards it and this is what will keep you poor forever.

Staying among the wrong people:

Your attitude gets affected by the company of friends that you keep. If your friends are not interested in long-term planning and in earning more money, you will also not find the motivation to do it. But if you think that you can bring a change in your life and can make it better, you can definitely do it.

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