3 new updates are unveiled by YouTube, including live stream reaction analytics

With the goal of giving content creators a better understanding of their audience and improving the user experience they provide, YouTube has released three new updates. Among these updates are:

  • Reaction analytics in real-time streaming.
  • Comparison of first-time and repeat viewers’ impressions.
  • The capability of doing an HDR live stream to YouTube.

Reaction analytics in real-time streaming

YouTube is allowing creators to track viewer reactions in real time by introducing new real-time analytics for live streams. This information shows the quantity and variety of responses, such as party poppers and love hearts, that were sent in.

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Just visit your content and select the overview tab to get this information. Be aware that only Studio mobile and web are currently able to utilize this feature.

Breakdown of Impressions

A new filter that shows the quantity of impressions broken down by new and returning users is being released by YouTube. With the aid of this feature, you should be able to better understand your audience and modify your content strategy to draw in both new and returning viewers. This feature is available in YouTube Studio Analytics’ advanced mode.

HDR real-time streaming

HDR live streaming is now possible to YouTube. Conor Kavanagh, YouTube’s Lead for Monetization Policy, outlined the benefits of this new feature:

“With HDR, you get crisper whites, inkier blacks and better-looking colors that pop. HDR also allows you to capture much more detail in your stream because fine-grained color gradations are preserved instead of being smeared out, resulting in hyper-detailed, hyper-realistic streams for your viewers.”

Now that OBS 30.1 has been released, you can use RTMP to stream in HDR to YouTube. This enables you to deliver the best possible YouTube experience to your viewers while maintaining your current RTMP workflows. In addition, if the game you’re playing supports it, you can game live in high definition. To accomplish this, make sure that HDR is supported by your monitor and, if necessary, that HDR for PQ or HLG is supported by your camera.

Please be aware that while streaming HDR with ab1 is not yet supported, you can still use the hgvc Kodak to stream in HDR.

Why it matters to us

Deeper audience insights are provided by live stream reaction analytics and comparisons of new versus returning viewer impressions, which let you modify your content strategy accordingly. Furthermore, HDR live streaming gives your audience access to better-quality videos, which may increase engagement and improve the user experience.




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