3 Best ChatGPT Side Hustle Ideas In 2024

3 Best ChatGPT Side Hustle Ideas

Side hustles, like freelancing or extra jobs, are getting more popular in the U.S. They add a huge $1.27 trillion to the economy and involve about 38% of American workers. This number will likely increase as more people work flexibly and younger folks join the workforce.

Side hustles are turning out to be significantly more famous thanks to ChatGPT, an inventive PC application. The greater part of every American worker, or over 86 million individuals, will freelance by 2027. This is because of ChatGPT’s capacity to set aside clients time and money when they start freelancing.

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But there’s a catch. While ChatGPT is helpful, it’s not perfect. It can make mistakes and give wrong information sometimes. That’s why knowing a lot about the area you want to work in is important. This way, you can spot any mistakes from ChatGPT and ensure the work it helps you with is accurate.

Think of ChatGPT as a helpful tool, not a replacement for your work. Relying solely on ChatGPT to create your work isn’t fair to your clients because they could do the same thing themselves. Make sure to add your personal touch to the process.

With that in mind, here are three simple ways to earn money using ChatGPT’s abilities:

1. Writing E-Books

ChatGPT is an incredible tool for rapidly writing e-books that you can sell on sites like Amazon.com. Giving ChatGPT-explicit prompts for each piece of your book is preferable to general omes like “Write a book about starting freelancing” with regards to delivering top notch material.

By segmenting your topic into smaller pieces, you can help ChatGPT provide more pertinent and thorough information for each section. This strategy makes sure your e-book is organized properly and gives your viewers insightful information. To further improve and personalize the material produced by ChatGPT, don’t forget to examine and edit it.

2. Lesson Planning

ChatGPT proves to be an essential tool for educators, whether you’re a teacher or tutor. It aids in crafting innovative lesson plans tailored to your tutoring side hustle. Utilize its capabilities to generate tests, worksheets, and activities aligned with your curriculum.

Moreover, leverage your curated content to earn extra income by selling lesson plans and templates on platforms like Teachers Pay Teachers. This versatile resource opens up opportunities to enhance your teaching and monetize your expertise in education.

3. Faceless YouTube Channel

Did you know you can start a successful YouTube channel and make money from your expertise or passion without using a camera? If you’re camera-shy, don’t worry! You can still create an engaging channel using AI technology.

Start by choosing your channel’s theme and main topic. Consider who your audience is, their questions, and what they need to learn. Once you’ve researched and identified a profitable idea, you can write scripts for informative videos using ChatGPT. Then, use AI video tools to create scenes that match your script. You can even use AI voiceover tools, so you don’t need to appear or speak on camera.


In conclusion, side hustles are becoming more and more common in the United States, greatly boosting the country’s economy and employing a sizable section of the labor population. Thanks to ChatGPT and other tools, millions of people can now take advantage of greater options for freelancing and enter the gig economy.

It’s important to understand that, despite ChatGPT’s benefits, it is not perfect and that users must take care to assure correctness. Keep in mind that ChatGPT should enhance your work, not take its place.

By leveraging its capabilities judiciously, individuals can explore various avenues for income generation, from writing e-books to designing lesson plans and even starting YouTube channels, without needing a camera.

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