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8 rules for instagram post

Instagram is a social media platform that works really well for brand promotion and engagement. To effectively utilize this platform, there are certain guidelines that need to be followed to in regard to the essentials.
Let’s go over each guideline in more detail so you can improve your Instagram game.

1. Timing is Key:

Timing plays a pivotal role in the visibility and engagement of your Instagram posts. While general timeframes are a good starting point, it’s crucial to understand your specific audience’s online behavior. Analyze Instagram Insights to identify when your followers are most active and schedule posts accordingly. Leverage features like Instagram Insights to gain valuable data on your audience’s online patterns.

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2. Utilize VRIN Strategy:

The VRIN (Value, Rarity, Inimitability, Non-substitutability) strategy is a powerful tool for creating posts that stand out in the crowded digital space. Revisit the Digital Marketing Mentality chapter for a deeper understanding of VRIN. Consider how each post adds value, incorporates rare or unique elements, is challenging to replicate, and has no direct substitutes. Aligning your content with these principles enhances its overall appeal and effectiveness.

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3. Diversify Post Topics:

Balancing your content mix is essential for sustained engagement. The 70/30 rule suggests that 70% of your content should be expected, catering to your audience’s preferences, while the remaining 30% introduces an element of surprise. Think of this as the plot twist in a movie – keeping your audience intrigued and preventing predictability. This blend ensures a dynamic and captivating feed that resonates with your followers.

4. Leverage Targeted Hashtags:

Hashtags are the lifeblood of Instagram discoverability. Beyond the generic and widely used hashtags, identify your competitors and leverage their unique hashtags. This strategy aligns your content with an existing audience interested in similar offerings. For example, if your page relates to fitness, using popular fitness-related hashtags could expose your content to a broader and more relevant audience.

5. Include a Call to Action (CTA):

Encouraging user interaction is at the heart of a successful Instagram strategy. There should be an obvious Call to Action (CTA) in every post. Whether it’s prompting users to visit your bio link, tag a friend, or share the post, a well-crafted CTA enhances engagement and amplifies the reach of your content. Over time, this active participation contributes to the growth of your follower base.

6. Establish a Consistent Theme:

Visual consistency is a hallmark of successful Instagram accounts. A cohesive theme or aesthetic not only makes your profile visually appealing but also reinforces your brand identity. Consider color schemes, filters, and content themes that align with your brand. This consistency creates a seamless and professional look, making it easier for users to recognize and connect with your content.

7. Designate a Primary Location:

Directing traffic to a specific location consolidates your online presence. Whether it’s your Instagram page, other social media channels, or a website, choose a primary destination. Feature this address prominently in all your posts, videos, and images. Some users even include their Instagram username under each post to ensure a clear and unified call-to-action.

8. Employ Essential Tools:

Enhance the quality and creativity of your posts by leveraging various apps and software. Word Swag, Typorama, Phonto, Canva, and Photoshop are valuable tools that offer diverse features for content creation. From stylish text overlays to professional image editing, these tools can elevate your content and streamline your creative process.

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9. Engage with Your Audience:

Building a community is more than just posting content; it involves active engagement. Respond to comments, direct messages, and actively participate in relevant conversations. Cultivating a sense of community fosters loyalty among your followers, leading to organic growth through word of mouth and user-generated content.

10. Analyze and Adapt:

Instagram analytics provides a treasure trove of insights into your post performance. Regularly review these analytics to understand what resonates with your audience. Determine the best times to post, the demographics of your audience, and the most interesting content. Moreover, stay informed about Instagram algorithm changes and emerging social media trends. An adaptive approach ensures your strategy remains effective in the ever-changing landscape of social media.


In conclusion, mastering Instagram is an ongoing process that involves strategic planning, creativity, and adaptability. You’ll be in a better position to produce interesting material, build a devoted following, and see steady organic growth for your page if you apply these guidelines into your Instagram approach. Keep in mind that having a large following on Instagram does not guarantee success; rather, success depends on developing deep relationships and producing material that appeals to your audience.

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