‎Facebook “Tuned” is a new app for couples on the App Store

Facebook has launched Tuned, a new app that encourages couples to create an intimate social network between each other. Currently an IOS app only, couples can share their mood, exchange music, and create a digital scrapbook. It is being billed as a private space for couples to connect.

The app also connects to Spotify through which couples can share music as well as voice memos. They can also use custom stickers and reactions. Its free to use and doesn’t require a Facebook account although users are subjected to Facebook data rules, meaning the data users provide will be used for ad targeting.

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Facebook is making headway by creating its own version for different apps present in the digital space. It has already has launched Moments, Notify, Poke, Slingshot, and Hello. It is currently working on Pinterest Clone.

Generally, this app doesn’t seem much different than any other social network in which people can interact with one another. Other relationship apps have created a similar experience with some offering activities and therapy techniques to practice.

Here are the five main features:

  1. A secure, private feed between couples.
  2. Connect Spotify to exchange playlists, songs.
  3. Set your mood color according to feel.
  4. Exchange voice notes, photo snapshots, notes, cards.
  5. Express yourself with customized stickers.
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