You can massively increase outreach of your Facebook presence by following my 9 practical advices

To all Social Media Marketing Experts or wanna be experts who are running pages or planning to have one and want to increase outreach of their personal brands. If you are struggling to bring audience to your Facebook, I have discovered nine facts about Facebook (backed up by real time examples) after my research of over one and a half year.

1- No wonder how big your profile is, it does not capture big likes/comments than Facebook Page even, if it has a verified seal. Facebook algorithm mysteriously promotes/encourages pages because pages can be monetized and advertisement money is with pages, not the profile.

2- Facebook advertisement for buying page LIKES sux, yes it does not work and it is good for nothing so avoid spending your dime there. Instead if you can spend money, put that on videos only. The secret Facebook algorithm works wonders if you spend money on the video. It makes perfect sense too, Facebook recently is promoting random/paid videos on our time line too.

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3- Outreach of an organic page is far better then page where advertisement money for getting likes is spent

4- Videos gain more engagement. If you want to grow your brand, upload lots of videos (make sure it has sub titles in English)

5- Live stream on page attracts massive audience over live stream on profile. It is because the live stream on page can be boosted by spending money for getting more views and shares.

6- The cookie cutter formula for organic page outreach is upload 5-7 pictures daily, 2-3 shared pictures from other pages with good content that is worth sharing, upload a video and then post as many website links as you want. If you stuff up your page with links only and ignore pictures, videos, the page does not engage at all (I have applied it on one of my page and it does not work and I have applied it on BeingGuru page, it works)

7- A fan following (organic) attracts same result as of a brand page with half a million likes/followers. Example my page has only 7k likes and look at the engagement of the posts ( The reason why this page has great engagement is because of direct fan following and the funny part is, it has only 7k likes.

So a same post here at times gets same engagement as I experience on BeingGuru and my other pages. My experience is, personal pages attract more visitors/engagement and views on the posts over brands.

8- Facebook groups are brilliant, people usually ignore the importance of groups but their multiplier effect towards a post when shared from a page should not be over looked. I own 3 groups and the cross sharing b/w pages and groups yields phenomenal results.

9- If your page is outside India/Pakistan, you can earn money from Facebook for over a 3 minutes video. Make sure the content uploaded is original and has sub titles in English over it.

Also, apart from these 9 things, other social networking sites like Twitter, LinkedIn are very important too. You can use these two to put a status/post and use the Facebook page link in the content.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar

That is all you ever need to know about me but let me warn you, freelancing for me is a journey, certainly not a destination :)