Meet Ashraf Chaudhry, an amazing sales trainer from Pakistan

Ashraf Chaudhry, a Sales and Marketing Professional is the number 1 sales trainer in Pakistan. He is the CEO of Ashraf Chaudhry Associates and Redback Spiders, which is Pakistan’s leading social media training and consulting program.

Early Struggles of his life:

In a small town in Pakistan, Ashraf Chaudhry worked as a helper and used to run errands as a child. He got his early education from the roofless schools of rural areas in the country. Then he completed his MBA from Pakistan’s leading university IBA Karachi. He developed, sharpened and improved his skills by working for many famous companies such as Chevron, Tapal tea, Pearl Continental/ Marriot Hotels and WorldCall Telecom in Sales and Marketing Departments.

He was working as the General Manager Sales and Distribution when he left his post from WorldCall Telecom Ltd to pursue his lifelong passion of public speaking, writing, and corporate training.

His achievements and programs:

Ashraf Chaudhry always wanted to follow his passion and do the things that mattered to him. No matter how he started, how many difficulties he faced, he never stopped believing that he will somehow make it happen. He took the long road and worked for many companies because he had the unrelenting belief that things will work out the way he always wanted.

The Craft of Selling “YOURSELF”:

Three months after leaving his job, he wrote and published his book “The craft of selling yourself”. This is a book about job search, self-growth, and career management. In this book he has not only shared his professional experiences but also his academic struggles and explained it to the audience that there are no restrictions of age and time for following your passion. You just need persistence and courage to face the hurdles in life. His book got published in 2009 in USA and became one of the best seller through out the world.

10 Commandments of Selling:

Mr Ashraf is the co-author of the 10 Commandments of Selling: Story of Danial. This is basically a motivational sales novel that covers each and every aspect of sales discipline.

Guerrilla Selling:

Another of his big time achievement is “Guerrilla Selling”, in this competitive business environment this program teaches a lot about commitment and new skills. It presents unconventional ideas about successful Guerrilla marketing and Guerilla Marketing Attack.

B2B sales Warfare:

It is for sales professionals to gain a strategic path in the market place. It is based on a Chinese military strategist of 6th century who brought a revolution in the thinking patterns of generals, commanders, entrepreneurs, and diplomats of that time.

Break The Chains:

This is the workshop about gaining control of our life by overcoming your failures. The renowned speaker in his sessions focuses on realizing the true potentials of human beings to overcome hurdles and achieving success with constant effort.

The Art of Shepherding:

Another leadership development program that is run by Ashraf Chaudhry is “The Art of Shepherding”. It focuses on the abilities of the leaders who make their team work with their full potential and gain superb results.

The sales GURU Ashraf Chaudhry in all of his workshops addresses the upcoming entrepreneurs to realize the true capability of a customer and do not try to manipulate his/her intelligence through sheer ignorance.

His Advice:

His sincere advise to sales professionals is,

“Sales persons are not born, they are made and groomed. Everybody can develop, sharpen, and hone the selling skills. Selling is a craft and just like any other craft, it can be leant, practiced, and mastered”.


Written by Hisham Sarwar

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