iPhone 8 vs Galaxy S8

iPhone 8: A new glimpse into the bezel-less future

With Apple’s iPhone 8 we are expecting big things including a complete face-lift. It’s because this is going to be Apple’s tenth-anniversary device and there is no chance the company is going to deliver any incremental upgrade with its typical design once again. The gorgeous concepts we know so far for the iPhone 8 including and OLED screen, wireless charging, camera beneath the display screen, etc.

The tenth anniversary’s iPhone model is one of the Jony Ive’s visions made of a single sheet of glass. If we pay attention to the surfacing rumors, the new iPhone’s model is coming close to what he had stated last year in an interview. Provision of an OLED screen is fairly certain with this model but it is also being speculated that we may see the new iPhone’s screen utilized on a phone the size of the iPhone 7 while providing a screen the size of the 7 Plus due to a smaller bezel. It is also possible that the bezel disappears entirely giving a unique edge-to-edge screen in an iPhone.

We are still not sure what the new iPhone’s model will exactly look like, but it sure will appear with a fancy new design. In typical Apple’s fashion, the new iPhone will not just be the use of existing technologies. It surely will be the use of those technologies in an even better manner.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar


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