What Happens online in 60 seconds

Digital World is moving with the speed of light

The language of computers, mobile devices, and MP3 players is making interchange of data much easier than ever before. Staggering amount of data is being generated and transferred every minute of our daily lives as consumers download, create, search, and shop online.

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Social media networks have provided fantastic opportunities to entrepreneurs to engage audience for their business. It has also created some unique challenges for online marketers and it is becoming increasingly tough for them to navigate. In order to make best decisions for their business, they must have an idea about the factors that can help to build a strong online presence. With a clear understanding of the online marketing, they can make better strategies for future investments.


Following are the infographics that can help to understand the whole one minute activity on different social media networks online all over the globe.


Within every 60 seconds, 3.3 million posts get updated on the world’s best social networking site.


The micro-blogging site gets 422,340 tweets updated in every 60 seconds.


On Instagram, around 55,555 photos get uploaded.


Google searches have become part of our daily lives; this is the reason that 3.1 million searches take place about various issues with 60 seconds.


Even with the craze of social media platforms, the volume of Emailing has not reduced at all. In every 60 seconds, 205.6 million emails are sent around the world. Reason of no reduction in the popularity of the Emails is because sending and receiving mails is slightly different from the social networking sites.


Around 1212 posts get updated on WordPress.


Popular with the mobile devices, 44.4 million messages are sent with every 60 seconds on Whatsapp.


YouTube is keeping itself busy as always, around 400 videos are uploaded in every 60 seconds around the world.

These infographics can help those marketers who are researching for best online social media to boost their marketing efforts. The digital marketing channels getting updated therefore a thorough insight of the online world can help entrepreneurs and marketers to make better strategies for their business.


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Written by Hisham Sarwar


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