YouTube Go Will Let You Download And Share Videos Offline

It has always been a problem for those who wanted to download the YouTube videos but the third party websites to download the YouTube videos were usually either down or their own internet speed was too slow.

In the Asian countries, mobile data is not cheap, at times the internet speed is very slow to stream a video on YouTube. In order to save your favourite videos offline for viewing it later or choose the amount of data you would like to spend on a video, YouTube has announced YouTube Go.

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Here is what users will get from YouTube Go

  • Home screen will feature popular and trending videos in your area so you can see the videos people see the most.
  • Users will be able to preview the video before they can play. Something Facebook rolled our last year for its videos. By taping on a thumbnail, quick video preview will trigger. This lets user decide if they want to play the video or save it.
  • Users can choose the resolution when they play or save a video. They will be able to decide the amount of data they want to spend on a video
  • The videos can be shared offline without using any data with nearby friends. People will be able to send and receive the videos instantly with other YouTube Go users.

The best part is, offline downloading of the videos, playing and sharing will be free. This indeed is a great step to bring YouTube to more users all over the world.

You can signup for Beta at


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