Your brain cells grow if you use your ‘other’ hand often

Not everyone is the creative type but it turns out that the creative impulse is crucial for psychological health. Creativity is the production of something both novel and appropriate. You may be surprised that your creativity unleashes when you use your non dominant hand and helps your brain to grow.

At first, it does feel awkward to hold a pen in your left hand but it can unleash your inner artist and open you to the idea that you can live a creative life. Your brain continuously adapts, grows, and rewires itself through the growth. But this process declines with age and mostly because people don’t pay attention to brain exercises. The brain loses its knowledge when you don’t use your brain and by using your left hand, you can force your brain to improve its functioning.

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For this purpose try using your non-dominant hand to write, to control mouse or the television remote. You can even force yourself to use your left hand to brush your teeth. You may find it harder in the start, but with precise movement and practice you can master that too.

Use of opposite hand increases the efficiency:

Your brain gets confused when you try to write with the opposite hand and increases its efficiency. It is because the non-dominant hand is directly linked to the non-dominant hemisphere in your brain. Studies have shown that when you use your dominant hand, only one hemisphere of the brain gets active  but when you use the non-dominant hand, both hemispheres get activated which results in making you more creative.

Following are the few activities that you can successfully perform to use your opposite hand in a better manner:

  • For brushing your teeth.
  • For pouring drinks into glasses or cups.
  • Opening up jars or bottles.
  • Cleaning the dishes.
  • Washing your own self.
  • Using your computer mouse.
  • Trying spreading butter on your toast.
  • Using the can opener.
  • Eating with the chopsticks.

You can also contact a trained professional who can advise you exercises to use more of your left hand. It will allow you to access some of your suppressed emotions. But for using in daily life, you can start small and try to write few sentences with your left hand each day. It will help you to become more creative and improve the brain functioning.

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