You cannot stop time but you can slow it down

As we get older, it seems that time is flying. We start thinking that maybe the time has become shorter on its own. But in reality, it is not so. According to researchers, as we age, our brain’s internal clock becomes slow. Because of this, the pace of life around us appears to speed up. When we are young, everything seems new and our brain has a lot to process which make the perceived passage of time seem a bit longer.

At a young age, everything appears as our first, the first day at school, first day at college, first job etc. it is the time when our life is full of firsts. Time seems to pass by slowly because there is a lot to explore at every step.

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But as we get pass by the age of twenty, time appears to go by a bit quicker. There are so many theories regarding this short appearance of time. The most popular theory states that as we get older, each year becomes a smaller percentage of our life. At the age of ten, a year becomes ten percent and it becomes two percent if you reach fifty years of age. Researchers also explain that time become faster when we are stuck in our routine life. The lack of any new things happening in our life makes it seem as it is flying.

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The perfect way of slowing down the time is to have new experiences. You may think that a week you took off for vacation flew a lot more quickly but in reality, if you think clearly each moment of that vacation would seem much longer. It is because every moment that you spent during your vacation was full of life as compared to your every day’s boring routine. So if you want your day to last, start doing something different in your life.

You don’t need to just float through life. It is an opportunity to do something different and as often as you can. Spend time in learning new things that are different from your regular field. Set goals for you may it be like losing weight, learning to sing, dance, act etc. Always add something “first” to your life no matter how old you are. Push yourself to achieve that goal. Once you get busy in adding new things in life, time will slow down dramatically whereas the rate of your experiences and achievements will go up.

The article originally appeared in Business Insider

Written by Hisham Sarwar

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