You can only achieve your goals if you stay motivated daily. Here is how you can do that

For getting through the entire workday, you might think of coffee as your saving grace. But in the long-run, caffeine on its own isn’t enough. For staying passionate about your work you need to harness your inner motivation and it is stronger than a shot of espresso. Also, it keeps you going on even the most sleep-deprived and toughest days of life.

Following are the simple ways that can help you stay motivated on a daily basis:

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Accomplish one task when you wake up:

When you wake up it feels you cannot do anything except trying to open your eyes. But doing something right after you wake up can have a tremendous effect on your energy levels. It does not mean to do something really hard, it can be as simple as making your bed, cooking your breakfast, or exercise to stay energized for the whole day. When you get a task completed after waking up, it gives you a sense of achievement which influences the tasks for the rest of the day.

Connecting tasks with values:

When your tasks are not aligned with your values, you feel powerless in every situation. Therefore, whenever you get a task completed, frame it in relation to something that you value the most. This can be applied in personal, professional, as well as your spiritual life. By doing some tasks in relation to your beliefs and values, you get the energy to complete it successfully.

Cross-out tasks on the to-do list:

By listing tasks on a paper, you get a better idea of what is it that needs to be done. But once it gets done you must cross it out on the sheet. It is because crossing-out tasks on the list send signals to your brain that you have been able to accomplish a task successfully.

Learn to be self-compassionate:

It is natural to be nicer to other people when you meet them. But it can be amazing if you can become empathetic and kind to your own self. If you fail to complete a task one day, do not blame or criticize yourself for it. Instead, encourage yourself by saying that you will get it done the next day. Give yourself a chance and be kind to yourself no matter what happens.

Be responsible:

When you feel responsible for your work, you get more motivated to come up with a better outcome. Just don’t wait for the situation to become in your favor, instead, take responsibility of whatever you do and see how much energy you put into it.

For staying motivated, make a habit of moving towards your ideal future self and take steps that actually make a difference in your life.

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