You can not control life. Understand these 5 steps to embrace the process of life

When we are faced with a problem, it seems that the circumstances are happening on purpose. It becomes hard to step away from that problem and look at it from a different perspective because we are actually invested in it. In order to view it from a different viewpoint, it requires us to step back from the drama. But psychologists have revealed that these situations are not as grim as they appear. This happens when we try to control the happenings in life and get involved in negative self-statements and negative beliefs about the future.

The things that initially appear as a problem often lay the foundations for something better to take place. The secret to overcoming the problems is to distance ourselves emotionally and allow the pieces of the puzzle to come together before driving on to a conclusion. We need to appreciate life as it is happening, instead of trying to control it. Following are the ways that can help to approach and embrace the process of life:

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Relax and let go of the tension:

We usually get frustrated when life doesn’t go as we plan it but things never unfold as we expect them to. This makes us feel stressed, anxious, as well as uncomfortable. But if we stop trying to control the events and happenings, we can relax and let go of all the stress. Once we allow things to happen their own way, we save ourselves from getting into depression and anxiety.

Know what we want:

The process of life goes on its own and things happen irrespective of how we want them to. What we should do is to hold on to the goals that we have in our mind. We need to have a vision and focus on what outcome we want. Once we imagine ourselves already in that place and do not give up, our dreams actually turn into a reality.

Positive affirmations:

Our life feels easier when we see the universe as a safe place for us to live in. When we look at things supporting our purpose, life begins to flow more easily and it feels way better than having to fight or being defensive. The best positive affirmation is to repeat to ourselves life loves me. The more we remind ourselves of this positive affirmation; we begin to live a much better life.

Enjoying the process:

We need to believe that everything in our life is being presented to us for learning. Through different phases of life, we get tested and prepared for bigger challenges. We need to view everything as an opportunity to gain experience, to improve ourselves, and to go on to a higher stage in life.

Having patience:

When we experience hardships over and over again, we get frustrated and become hopeless of anything good to happen in our life. But that is the time when we need to practice patience and be careful in taking the steps that actually help us reach our destination.

It must be remembered that life is meant to be a fun adventure not a race to the grave. All we can do is to embrace what it brings for us and enjoy whatever it offers to us. This will helps us grow and become exactly what we want to be in life.

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