You are a brand ambassador of your country – Here is how you can play your role

Several humanitarians, activists, and leaders brought changes in the world because they had or have fame, money, and influence that helped them to do so. But when you think of people who didn’t have these tools and still brought changes around the world, you think it was just their good luck. There have so many ordinary people in the past and are there in the present world who work hard to make their country or the entire world a better place to live just with their kindness and courage to truly change the course of history. You may have dreamt of making your country better but have not made any effort for it thinking of yourself as being an ordinary person.

I have learned through my experience that ordinary people bring great changes in their country and can do a lot of good work to make it a better place to live. Here is how you can make your country better too:

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Start using your voice:

As an ordinary person, you may not have the fame or the money that is considered crucial for bringing big changes but you can use your voice to tell other people what you think they need to hear. You can turn your voice into words through social media but be very careful in not using it the wrong way. You may feel discouraged at first as people may not listen to you or give you any feedback, but if you feel genuinely concerned about something, they will listen. Using your voice is the best way to help your country.


In the world filled with aggressive people, you can be the one to change everything just with the power of kindness. You may be surprised but being kind is infectious as every human is wired to it. When you see a kind person, you want to be like that person and be kind to more people.

Pick up the rubbish:

Every country has an environmental and Pakistan is especially affected by it. If you want to bring a good change, instead of criticizing people, pick up the trash yourself. Start from your own home, your street, and it will inspire others to do the same. A small act of yours will lead to a cleaning of the whole country. If every single person picks up the piece of trash, the whole country will become a lot cleaner and a much better place to live.

Don’t complain:

A lot of changes in various countries occurred because of the belief that every individual had that he or she can make an impact. Instead of complaining about things, they did their own part. You can do the same because complaining about things wastes time and energy and does nothing to make a country better. Therefore, believe that you can and take actions to get started with the process.

As President Kennedy said:

And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you—ask what you can do for your country

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