Yahsat and Pak Datacom Limited sign new partnership for high speed internet connectivity.

In the early 1990, internet services were offered through the nationwide local call dialup network in Pakistan with most of the customers concentrated in Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi. The dial-up internet services were free for all the landline customers with an extremely low speed.

With the passage of time, the demand for internet access started increasing. In order to boost drive for economic modernization, Pakistan followed an IT policy that could help the country to face the challenges on the international platform. To meet the increasing demand, the government allowed many internet service providers to offer their services for providing better quality internet access to users in all parts of the country.

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Recently, a new step has been taken towards providing fast paced broadband services across Pakistan. Yahsat, which is a UAE based service operator, has agreed with the service partner, Pak Datacom, in order to provide its services to internet users. Yahclick is a satellite broadband service, which is a high speed satellite internet. The recent agreement has taken place with the aim of providing high speed internet in those areas which have been deprived from this facility either due to provision of poor quality services by outdated channels in remote and isolated locations.

This satellite broadband service Yahsat will provide high-speed internet to the government, military, and enterprise customers. These services include backup links, surveillance, as well as connectivity for the coverage area. Pak Datacom has provided its technical, operational and customer care in order to supplement the services of YahClick.

The chief commercial officer Yahsat, David Murphy, stated recently that,

“With every regional partnership, we have renewed our commitment of bringing state-of-the-art satellite communications to countries cross the Middle-East, Africa Central, and South West Asia Region”.

This brand has been providing high quality broadband services to subscribers in every country independent of the subscriber’s physical location. It is a company that has spent ten years providing broadband services and is now aiming at offering multi-purpose satellite system and related ground infrastructure in place. This company is increasingly making efforts to make new partnerships that can help to make good quality internet facility available to everyone. Yahsat has offered its services for the fourth time in Pakistan because it has seen this country rapidly moving towards achieving high levels in the IT sector. Government-led projects have also encouraged the foreign industries to make investment in this sector.

The general manager, marketing Pak Datacom Limited, Syed Hussain Raza has stated that the company Pak Datacom feels honored by venturing with Yahsat as such steps hold a lot of opportunities to increase the income streams in our country and can encourage further foreign investments. With Pak Datacom diffusion in the Government and Enterprise sector, both the companies can work to together to provide better quality internet services to all the areas across Pakistan.

YahClick has been providing reliable and wide reaching broadband to everyone in Pakistan since its launch in 2015. Now with this latest collaboration with Pak Datacom, it can provide a new generation of satellite with more capacity available to users at an affordable cost. It understands the unique local requirements and aims to bring fast and efficient communication across Pakistan.



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Written by Hisham Sarwar


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