Would you like to have a broken bone or a broken phone?

A study was been carried out that asked young adults to make a decision. That decision was whether they would prefer to have a broken bone or a broken phone? The survey revealed surprising results. Around forty-six percent of the people preferred a broken bone rather than broken phone. The fifty-four percent of the people who were left were agonized and then made a difficult decision to prefer to have a broken phone. For kids, the issue is even more serious.

Instead of improving our lives, today’s technology is constantly getting in the way of enjoying it. And the biggest source of trouble is the phone that stays with us wherever we go. Some people say that they are not addicted to this technology but they just enjoy it. But those same people keep on complaining for time shortages to do the things they love. According to experts, the price of anything is the amount of life we exchange for it.

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Even Steve Jobs who transformed with the iPad does not allow his children to use one. He strictly limits how much technology his kids use at home. Then why are we addicted to our smartphones and why can’t we break free from this addiction? That is no doubt a long debate but there are some simple trick we can adapt to enforce self-control.

Keep phone at a specific place:

It is not possible for us to go out without a phone but when it comes to home, this gadget must lie at a specific place. The best way is to treat your smartphone just like a home phone and try leaving it plugged in. Needing it would require standing at that place and it will make us use phone less often.

Turn off all notifications:

The notifications from social media platforms constantly keep us in a tense situation. They give an impact that it is urgent every time when it is not. The trick is to turn off all notifications except calls and texts. The less notifications that appear on the home screen, the less they will have a chance to trigger a new browsing session.

Practice stopping and looking around:

For us it has become a habit to take our phone out and get absorbed in it when we go to a new place or wait for someone. The best way is to keep phone in different pocket so that it cannot be accessed easily. Instead we must practice holding our head up high and looking around. It will help to reflect more and will encourage with our creative thinking.

Establish no-phone time:

For checking phone less often, we will have to ensure phone block time before bed and after waking up in the morning. Even if the job involves social media, still it needs to be blocked for some specific timing.

Put a clock app on home screen:

Android phones offer a lot of automatic solutions for blocking time. For less phone usage, we need to put a clock app on the home screen. And then once the phone is opened, setting a timer for the time we want to spend on our phone will do the work. This will helps us to only use the social media apps for specific time and not let them waste all of the precious time.

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