Work-From-Home increases productivity, improves performance

freelancing from home office

Earlier this year, Google introduced work from home opportunities in its job section. Work from home patron is gaining huge popularity all over the world and there’s a reason why this model is encouraged worldwide.

Rather than having an employee commute to the work each day, piercing through piles of traffic lined up every morning on the way to the office, work from home model has many advantages.

There’s no operational cost and an employee is expected to deliver the work assigned to them by the end of a day, reach their targets.

It encourages flexibility, freedom, and work at your own selected work hours. Many studies have already highlighted the psychological effects of travel to work, linked it to reducing productivity.

Here are three key factors that prove work from home improves performance, raise productivity.

1- Improved Performance and higher Productivity:

According to a study done at Harvard Business Review, some call center employees were given an option to work from home for 8-9 months. Half of the workers availed the opportunity while the remaining half preferred to work at the office each day.

The study found out, work from home employees completed 13.5 percent more calls than the staff who worked in the office.

Another study from Gallup revealed that workers who work from home three to four days a week are 33 percent more likely to “feel engaged”. They are 15 percent less likely to feel “not engaged” than the employees who come to the office each day on the week i.e,  Monday to Friday.

2- Job Satisfaction:

Employees who are given choice to work from home are reported to have much higher job satisfaction making their productivity beyond expectations. The answer lies in the flexible work hours, being able to work freely without worrying about getting up on time, dressing up, and driving.

In abstract, the commute time is never accounted for in the employee’s work hours but the truth is, the time is spent (two-ways, from work to office and back) to render the service. By eliminating the commute hours, a non-noisy mental peace attributes to better performance, job satisfaction.

3- It lowers operational costs:

When employees work from home, they are less likely to require privacy. This eliminates a need for private offices. Open offices murder productivity and it’s proven through many types of research results.

Work from home is the best way to inculcate higher productivity in an employee and also lower the facility costs. This also results in fewer leaves, fewer sick days because of fatigue to go to work, combat extreme weather.

The smartest strategy today is to allow employees to work from home. This increases their productivity and results in organizational growth too.

Written by Hisham Sarwar

That is all you ever need to know about me but let me warn you, freelancing for me is a journey, certainly not a destination :)