Why Do Some People Succeed While Others Do Not

There comes a point in our life where we feel we cannot take it anymore. That particular point usually comes when we feel beaten, neutralized, broken and do not see a way out. But there are some people who not only make it turn it around but also steer their life towards prosperity in a very confident way.

The reason why they are able to make things happen for themselves is that they are psychologically very strong. They find a reason inside them to stay resilient, even in the worst of circumstances.

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Tony Robbins said, 80% Of Success is Psychology. Wait a minute, I wonder If Tony has not factored in the importance of your personality as well as command over a particular skill. On second thoughts, I think Tony was right. Here is the reason, If someone is psychologically strong, has got all the mental strength to bear pressure in dire circumstances, they stand a better chance of passing through the storm and sailing out as a winner.

Such people are successful because they have control over their emotions, they analyze their current situation with a cool mind and most importantly, they always stay calm. They understand that there are certain things they cannot change but they also appreciate what they have got.

Mentally strong people do not Dwell on the negatives. They always focus on solutions. Such people do not blame others for any reason for their failure instead then take personal responsibility for their thoughts and their own actions.

Now, here is the most important part. Mentally strong people love themselves because they have a firm belief in their ability to jump out of any terrible situation. Mentally strong people also focus on the reasons, analyze a reason for their failure and they learn from the past.

They are Action takers, they have extreme self-discipline and they whole-heartedly believe, the only key to success is by following the self-discipline.

Mentally strong people have got an amazing ability to not getting jealous of other people’s success.

Last but not least, people with the nerves of steel keep moving forward, then never stop because they believe life is organic, not linear. A straight line on ECG means, you already are on the other side of life. One needs to learn how to be mentally strong to withstand any storm and come out victorious in life. 

Those who have done something in this world are the ones who are mentally strong and they have made this world a better place.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar


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