WhatsApp SCAM – Don’t click if you get this message

It’s a trap. Recently, WhatsApp users have been complaining about a receiving a message from the WhatsApp company to upgrade their life time membership for 99 Cents or GBP only as the free WhatsApp version will stop soon.

Do not click it, it is a trap.

whatsapp scam

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Those who have been using WhatsApp for over the years know, the service has always been FREE since 2016 and WhatsApp does not even show advertisements on the chat windows. This fake WhatsApp hacker company has been cashing on the WhatsApp brand to get an access to victim’s phone and possibly stealing their contacts, bank and other sensitive information and mis use it.

WhatsApp official iOS and Android apps on iTunes and Play Store have over billion downloads. People ignore this simple check and click on the link sent from fake WhatsApp hacker ID.

This Scam was initially reported by Express UK.

Please share this with your contacts. You can save someone falling prey to this SCAM!

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Written by Hisham Sarwar


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