WhatsApp can expose your information, here is how


End-to-end encryption of messages is one of the biggest advantages of WhatsApp and the reason why the app has gained massive popularity over the years all over the world.

It is revealed by a Software developer (Tweet below) this week that the web links shared in the messages are vulnerable and the account, user device can be hacked, exposing all conversation to the hackers.

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Mulander is a OpenBSD developer, Co-founder of koparo.com and is from Poland. He discovered something odd while examining the operation of the server for a blog.

He has found out that when you type a website URL in the message, the app send the URL (website address) to the website server (letter by letter). Although it gives the user a quick preview of the website but at the same time it is a security concern, it could provide a door way to hackers to penetrate into a device. The worrying part is, WhatsApp doesn’t disguise the source of the request so it reveals details about the user device which also includes the unique IP address.

This is a serious concern and WhatsApp’s encryption needs to figure the loophole immediately to protect its users and their devices.

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