What exactly mentally strong people do which makes them successful

A person’s mental power does not lie in his/her actions; it’s what they absolutely won’t do. Being mentally strong is about controlling your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, implementation of healthy habits and then setting them up for success. But there are something’s that are not adopted by mentally strong people in order to become more mentally strong.

They don’t give away their authority:

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Mentally strong people do not give away their authority or power even when they are weak physically and emotionally. They stand up for themselves and define their success and self-worth. The host Oprah Winfrey is someone who suffered a lot while growing up but she defined her success in life by not letting go of her strength.

They don’t feel sorry for themselves:

This is something self-destructive in the eyes of mentally strong people. They don’t waste time in feeling sorry for themselves as it creates negative emotions. Instead, they appreciate what they have and learn to succeed facing challenges.

They don’t pay attention to things they can’t control:

Mentally strong people do not try to be in control of everything a sit creates anxiety. They do not even focus on things that are out of their reach and shift their focus towards the things that they can change such as building relationships, availing new opportunities etc.,

They don’t try to please others:

Mentally tough people are not affected by what others think of them. They never try to become a people-pleaser because it wastes time and makes them vulnerable of being manipulated.

They don’t engage in previous happenings:

Past is something that can never be changed. Thinking about the past is considered a complete waste of time by mentally strong people. Even if they do think, they reflect on the lessons that have been learnt during previous experiences.

They do not repeat mistakes:

Mentally strong people do learn from their mistakes but try not to repeat them over and over again. They always make better strategies and avoid asking the same mistakes again.

They do not focus on other’s success:

There is nothing wrong in learning from other people’s success but by making other’s success a point of attention makes no sense. Mentally strong people focus on their own path and avoid any distractions on the way.

Failures do not make them loose heart:

Mentally strong people are fully aware of the fact that success cannot be immediate. The path to success has many obstacles which are to be overcome for achieving the goal. This is something that keeps mentally strong people motivated.

They do not ask for immediate outcomes:

This is the major difference among mentally strong people and common people i.e. they never ask for immediate outcomes of their efforts. They are not impatient and are familiar with the fact that it takes long for changes to occur. They do keep their eyes on the prize but work relentlessly in order to become worthy of it.

Via: Business Insider

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Written by Hisham Sarwar


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