Websites for you to help in building the resume

For people who are just new to the job market, it is always tricky to get a start. The hardest thing is to create an impressive resume. but most people are not aware of how to write a good resume so they search the internet for resume building websites, following are the few selected websites that can do most of the heavy work for the beginners.

The following are the sites that can help you when you are struggling to create a perfect resume.

Want a Free Website


This is the website that provides beginners with bold templates that are easy and allows users to customize fonts, colors, backgrounds, as well as sections. On the website, all the layouts are well laid out and also give the option to users for sharing their resume on the social media platform. This will help to get feedback from friends and make the resume more improved.


VisualCV allows users to choose between two free and well-formatted resume design templates. With the ability of revision history, users can check for their mistakes. The site gives users the option to send their resume to five of their friends and get feedback.

Up to Work:

This website charges users $4.99 per month and provides four highly customizable resumes to choose from. The resume editor helps users to fill in each resume section and provide information to enter.

Novor Resume:

This is a basic website as compared to others on the list.


This website requires users to upload their resume to the free resume builder it provides step by step suggestions for improving a resume.


This website also provides services free of any cost. There is a section for improving the cover letter and once finished, users can arrange various sections and download these as the final product as a PDF file.

Want a Free Website

Written by Hisham Sarwar

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