Want to become successful in life? Follow my proven 7 rules of success

Finding success isn’t about luck, it requires a great deal of courage and big thinking along with the motivation to overcome the fears that stop you from moving forward. By removing the blocks of small-mindedness, conformity, and self-imposed limitations, you can elevate your success standards. It is because of your standards of work, ethics, responsibility, and personal development set your exact course in life.

My name is Hisham Sarwar and I am co-founder BeingGuru. When I started freelancing in 1999, people used to laugh at me, advising me to go for a full time job as they could not foresee the huge opportunity that was present online.

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I used to smile at such naysayers and always said, I will have my work respond to such comments in a time to come. Time proved, I was right as few years later, I became the first Pakistani freelancer to have made one million dollars. When I initiated BeingGuru with my co-founder in US, people came in with all sorts of advices again. I was told why would some one even read my blog, you can’t compete with Goal Cast and other motivational blogs. Couple of years later, Beingguru.com is right up there as one of the most influential blog in the world injecting motivation, inspiration in the masses all across the globe.

In order to dictate your own life, I have learned that you will have to follow some of the principles that a few of the successful people have already used. You do not have to re-invent the wheel, instead just follow the foot marks and you will get there.

Following are the guidelines for tapping into your innate greatness:

Focus on the process:

As stated by Ralph Waldo Emerson, life is a journey and not a destination. Therefore, do not miss out all the opportunities and beautiful moments that come along the way. Learn to enjoy the process of reaching your destination because the things you will learn throughout the process will be unique. Always remember following the process is a progress, little by little, one travels far.

Remain in the present:

Most people connect their happiness with the things they desire. This deprives them of the happiness that they can attain while being in the present. Do something meaningful in life and your life will be worth living. Follow these 5 Skills that can help to focus on success

Help others:

People who are mean apparently gain a lot but they never get the satisfaction of their mind and soul. On the other hand, people who help others and lighten the burden of others, live a happier and wonderful life. The helping attitude comes back to you in such mysterious ways one could never imagine. This is exactly why I decided to personally train thousands of Pakistani freelancers online and how they are rocking the world with Digiskills.pk

Don’t be ashamed of your weaknesses:

No one is perfect and has some weak points that they are ashamed of. But being ashamed of your weaknesses make you hide them from others and don’t allow you to improve them in any way. Therefore, understand your weak points and take help if you cannot improve them on your own. Maturity is, when you realize that no body is perfect and there is nothing wrong with it. Here are few ways to embrace your imperfections.

Make use of your strengths

Your talent is your strength and you can move forward by making use of them. Know what your greatest abilities are and use them as they are meant to be used. You should be passionate about your work and use your strength to your concur your fears. If you are not 100% passionate about your work, you will not succeed.

Be grateful:

According to Oprah Winfrey, be thankful for whatever you have as you will end up having more. If you pay attention to what you don’t have you will never ever have enough of anything. Being grateful for things unlocks the fullness of life and turns what you have into enough and more.

Adopt simplicity:

With continuous advancements in every field, people make their lives more complex. You must remember that very little of things makes a man happy. So, don’t run after material things to attain happiness. There must be a reason why these 5 Billionaires drive cheap cars and tell us to live simple life. Goal is to become rich, not look rich.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar


That is all you ever need to know about me but let me warn you, freelancing for me is a journey, certainly not a destination :)